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Thinking about it

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Who wants a review of all of the  award winning  Feminist Porn movies of 2012?

I am wanting to check out

Hottest Lesbian Vignette
Jincey Lumpkin
  Anyone want to view with me?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Feminist Porn Awards!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


Instead of creating pages of reviews for porn- I will be reviewing them at This will allow for NSFW content.

It doesn’t look like a toy…

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Oh but it is!  The Leaf- Fresh

Where to Buy

Price : Now on Sale  119.00

“It doesnt look like a sex toy”. ….  is what I hear  when I show  my newest addition to people.

In the shape like a melted heart, partners are not quite sure how to use it.  This is the idea of the Leaf products re-teaching people, letting them discover different things, and explore. When  buying other sex toys, like anal beads, vibrators, you know, or can imagine how to use them.  But with Leaf products, their design forces you to re think what sex toys can be.

About the palm of my hand, it has almost seamless design.  Leaf literature says “it conforms to your curves”.  I think this sounds a bit to much like shape wear- what they mean is that due to it slight drag and shape,  any woman can position the toy on her vagina , no matter the shape or sensitivity.  This is especially important for those of use with extra  sensitive parts, which other toys do not take into account.

The motor is amazingly quiet, about the same noise as my cell phone on vibrate.  It is located off to the side, but does not make the toy uneven.   The Fresh has three edges, and I encourage people to try all three.  There is a pointed edge, which is fast and quick, a curved thick edge, which is slower but has more power, and still thicker faster edge.  This allows long term play and multiple uses with new experiences.

The battery takes about two hours to charge, and one gets anywhere between and hour and two hours of play.  The higher the intensity the faster the battery run out.  I like that fact that it came with its own branded charger.  I have about 15 different toys with chargers and I dont know which one goes with what half the time, which can turn play into work fast.   In order to turn it on, you push a button on the side. I noticed that when holding it, your hand will automatically hold it where your thumb will meet the button. Pushing the button longer strengthens the intensity, while a push and release will stop the toy.  The works much like a stop watch.  This is different from other toys, in that  the Fresh  only has  one button and no preset patterns.

This button can be difficult to find during solo play, but after a couple of times it becomes easier. I found that because the toy is closer to my vagina that say a vibe, I did have to touch myself in order to change the toy position/speed.  While this may not be an issue for most people, it can be for women who are not comfortable with that.   I did not have any issues with the button being bumped, or the toys being turned off during.

It did mention to enjoy with water based lube, which I did not have. I wish a packet of lube and toy cleaner would have been included. But you can always pick some up.   As a note this toy needs to be cleaned before and after use.  The silicone does attract hair/dust.   I use a toy cleaner for sensitive skin.  It is also  phthalate-free. This is important!  For more info why Start  Here :

This toy is a great gift for bridal showers, baby showers etc. This is because from the box, and even from the toy, it does not scream sex toy.  Also it comes in an unassuming brown box, which feels like a gift even if you bought it for yourself.   I would recommend this to my friends who are comfortable enough with their bodies to use the toy, to parents who are worried their children might find their toy stash, and couples who are looking for explore.