Daddy do it harder..

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012








The Politics of Age Play

Age play is defined by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health as “sexual role-playing where one partner pretends to be older and in control while the other pretends to be much younger.”

I am constantly struggling with the intersection of extreme /sexual age play  via incest.  The type of play that uses Daddy/daughter is most prevalent in my small  community  but it not by far the only type. There is Mommy/Son  Uncle/Niece  and so on.

I am well versed in the idea of the burden of power  and its uses in sexuality.   The use of the power difference in age play/incest play is taken to an extreme.   So why  doesn’t all of this  “information”  translate into acceptance for me?

I want to be open and accepting of peoples sexuality and kink , but can’t help but become uncomfortable with the idea of the intersections of age play and incest that play out in that sexuality.

Your Kink is Not My Kink… and it is really okay?

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