Club Vibe

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Club Vibe

Price 49.99 

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This review took a while because I kept enjoying the toy and not writing.  The whirlwind  party circuit was  made enormously better via the  Club Vibe .The club vibe is a wired egg/bullet vibe from OhMiBod.  I bought this one from EdenFantasys.  I like these toys because they are phaltate free and are very geek friendly.

The basic idea is the same behind most of the Ohmibod toys, “experience the music”,  the club vibe is a little different.   The club vibe is meant to be taken out, wined dined and promised a good time.   It picks up on ambient sound, even voices, so it does not have to be plugged into a music source. I liked the versatility of having it ambient or not.

The toy is a smaller sized egg/bullet which is great  because in a large size these toys often make me feel like a chicken. It is about the size of a thumb, and has a velvety finish.

The wire that connects the vibe to the controls was long enough to wrap around my waist, and to be tucked into the front of my bra. This was great idea for voice pick up.

What it comes with

  • Wired vibe
  • Manual
  • Batteries .. ❤
  •  One size fits most panties
  • velvet pouch
  • Cable

I love it when toys comes with batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than having to harvest your remote for batteries during play time.  The cotton black panties were okay, they fit but they werent anything special.  I am a bit picky when it comes to lingerie, so they were not needed.   The cable is black, but the toy wire is white.   I wish that they were all color coordinated.  The pouch is a good idea since its essentially a travel size toy.

         Over all use

This toy is a bit too small for my regular rotation, but a fun addition.  One of my kinks is public play, so this was a very welcomed addition for that.   There are two different modes, ambient and non. The ambient mode will pick up any sound and convert it to vibrations.   It will also pick up on different ambient sounds at the same time.   This was useful during dancing/flirting at a dance club.  Just like the freestyle, deep bass is picked up best and tends to be the best for intense pleasure.  That is the fun part about wearing this vibe out in ambient mode, you never know what sound will cause you to squirm.  A car alarm about made me pass out from too much stimulation!

Non ambient mode works well.  The jack is the standard that comes with all Ohmibod toys, complete with microphone attachment!   The toy comes with a 3.5  adapter for plug-in. It performed in all areas tested, computer both Mac and PC, phones, both Android and iPhone.  However the cord is quite long, which is great for partner play, but by myself I felt a little like a cyborg.

I had a difficult time keeping the bullet in a sensitive area, it had a tendency to migrate deeper into the vagina.  Its buzzing power, even on high was not enough to emit even a single squeak from me in that area.  I remedied this by clipping the controller to my bra strap.  I think a ribbed bullet would be an amazing addition to the club line.


I use the  Ohmibod App, and while it is not a toy issue, I do wish you could set different profiles for different toys.  I have two, and they serve  very different functions so it would be great to have two different profiles. I would also like to see an Android app!

      Who is it good for?

The small, cute novelty factor makes it a great gift.

Anyone who is interested in public play

Anyone who likes music…. a lot.

product picture
Vibrating panty by OhMiBod
Material: Plastic / Cotton

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