Tenga in Tandem

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I have been crazy excited to write this review ever since its inception.  I am always looking for ways to make my blog “stand out”. I do this by approach (educational) and humor. However I have also decided to review different toys and sexual accoutrements. I am also hoping to have a extra special male Guest Blogger!

In Sex Toy reviews, there is a large emphasis on female toys.  This is due to the fact  majority of toys are for women. This becomes a quagmire and a Ouroboros of sex toy vs sex toy review. So here I am- Putting that snake on a diet!

My goal is to have at least   25% male (both sex and gender representation)  sex toy representation by the end of the year.   This lack of diversity has bothered me since I began doing reviews.  This is hurtful to sexuality and sex education.  because only one side gets to be heard/read/blogged about. While I like the  strength of the female sexual  voice,  non cis gender and male voices are not represented.

The Tenga Deep Throat Cup is a  masturbation sleeves similar to its flashier cousin Frankie the FleshLight.  In appearance it looks like the dreaded Red Solo Cup. If you are not a country music fan, or just out of college it should not bother you.  The use of the toy was reported to me as “easy”.  It also appeared to be “plug and play”.   One would unscrew it, and thrust into it as needed.  There is a hole on the top for your finger to control the suction. Placing your finger on the small hole created a vacuum tightness, where as removing the finger allowed air to escape. This was great for mimicking the contraction of vaginal muscles.

The overall sensation was reported as a 4/5.  The lubrication was a water based lube with little smell and no stickiness. It was a tad over  lubricated for the a first time, but after play the ratio evened out. There is also a ring of pressure near the top.  This is special of the “Deep Throat” cup. This ring is meant to feel like the throat.  As reported it did not feel like a throat, but felt great.  I would imagine it felt as “realistic” as a dildo feels to a vagina.  This toy is  large, and can fit up to an 11inch penis. The Cup also was easy to use in partner play.   It stayed on the penis, but was also easy to remove, It was easy to use as a woman, and aided in foreplay.  This is a great toy for people  who want to teach their partner how to jack them off. One of the concerns I had was the lube.  As a note it is propylene glycol based, and some are allergic to it.

Since it is a masturbation sleeve the comparison to the FleshLight is unavoidable.  A Pro over the Fleshlight is cost.  Ranging from $10-15  the Tenga Deep Throat Cup is much more affordable than the  $60-70 Fleshlight. It is also smaller and a bit less kitschy.  A con is that it does not last as long. The Tenga has about 10-15 uses to it. The Fleshlight has infinite uses.  It is not as ribbed as the Fleshlight. This being a pro/con is up to personal choice.
I liked the idea of being a sexy reporter with my partner, and hope to do it again!

product picture
Masturbator by Tenga
Material: Plastic / TPE

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