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Friday, July 20th, 2012

I am always at a loss as to how to review lingerie. Sex toys are easy because they have more parts, where as lingerie does not. I also believe it is difficult because of the lack of value placed on lingerie. There is also the question “Why is it so fancy if you are just gunna take it off?”.
This leads me to believe that lingerie is not only for the audience, but also for the wearer.

This review is done in two parts, one is my thoughts, the other my audiences reaction.

My Action/Reaction

Price: Its similar to other baby dolls out there, and I like the addition of the collar.
Form/Material – The cups are made of a cheapish lace which can be scratchy. It also does not stretch. It was not uncomfortable in the 30-45 mins I wore it the first time, but with people who have sensitive skin it might be an issue. I would try washing/rinsing it in a gentle detergent before wearing.
The straps are bra type of straps. This was a major plus. This helps changed the sizing a bit. I am 36G,and ordered a 1x. The width was a little larger, but the straps made the cups hug my breasts with out falling off.

The bell is a mesh, that is soft. It was slightly see through. I like this style because it is sexy but still hides any flaws. I am short- and the hem of the babydoll hit well below my ass. This would be a concern if you wanted to hide/conceal anything.
The underwear that come with it are a polyester thong. As mentioned I ordered a 1X. The underwear that came with did not fit correctly. They were too big, and fell off. This happens with most “sets” that I get, just because of my body shape. I would estimate they would be perfect for a size 16 and up.

Audience Reaction

Material – The material was soft, and touchable
Cups were a tad too small, but I like look
Did not shift during sex

I liked this baby doll, it was was a good spice edition. It is also basic enough to wear around the house.

product picture
Babydoll and panty set by Escante
Material: Nylon / Elastic