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Happy or not so Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I always have conflicting feelings around Halloween. I like dressing up, I like slutty stuff. So it seems to follow that Halloween, which is quickly become the National Dress Like a Whore Night would be my favorite holiday! More Sluts for everyone!
When I am critical on this I get called out and accused of #slutshaming. This offends me, and is meant to. It is also meant to shut me, and others down.
I am not slut shaming, but being critical of the culture of pretend. Women who do not claim the slut label, can play for one night, but can go back to being non sluts/good the next morning.

As a society we get, of should ge,t offended when culture is appropriated through costumes and media. A recent campaign This is my culture not a costume accurately highlight the issues with this.

I argue that Slut has its own culture, and when women who are non sluts, dress like sluts they are dangerously close to appropriation of this culture.
Slut costumes mimic historical female led employment, rendering these professions a mere joke. Sexy Nurse, Sexy Flight Attendant, and most anger inducing Sexy Librarian.

They also are patterned off of what people “think” a sex worker looks like. This image is a cross hatch of old Law and Order Episodes and Lifetime movies.
Sex workers, sluts, ethical sluts, women who enjoy sex- look like you, and me.

So the next time you want to dress “Slutty” for the evening- pull on some Atari boxers, put your hair up in pigtails, don on your WoW headset and begin watching Star Trek


Heavy Thoughts

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

One of the things that  I like most about cam work is that I set my own price. It is liberating/scary to set your own price.  Most of us have no idea what we are worth, because we operate under the guise of a capitalist system. We use bare minimum wages, and move up from there. We understand what we  worth, only in comparison inside of a system that wants to undermine that worth.  
 Because it is not a regulated industry, sex work exists as an outlier in the economic system.  It does adhere to  both user generated and pre existing units of measure.  
User Generated prices  in the cam or custom show show through communication of the two or more parties involved.  Some agencies use a price quote, others let the performer set the price.
Instances that allow you to determine your own worth, can be liberating and scary since we still use those minimums to determine worth.  Freelancers have the same problem. However, their job choice does not come with the baggage of equating job worth with personal worth.
This can be illustrated via personal tidbit. 
On a typical Weekend, I log on  to a choice site. Usually cam4 as nerdbirdy21.

This site allows tips, but also allows private chats. It is in these private areas that the price is determined. My price is not always  flat, instead it is determined a few factors. How much I like the person, how much I feel like performing, how many other shows I have coming up and so on.  I do however always communicate my prices and negotiate before starting.  Typically I charge 1.05-1.15  per min.  
Holy cow, You make an average of $65 an hour!, you say Dear reader-  This math is correct, but in reality my typical private show is 15-20 mins, and I do about two a day.
I know others that charge 3.99/per min.  However they also use higher quality cameras, take requests and so on.   
However it did lead me to the questions

Did I misjudge my worth?  

Since my body/personality is my worth via camming- what bare minimums did I use to judge this?

Series Intro

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

This is the first in a series of articles/blog posts dealing with the evolving nature of camming, commercialism, porn, profit, dignity worth and commodification of bodies.

For the sake of transparency, let me introduce myself and my standpoint/basis.   I am a college educated, white appearing , feminist  , nerd, liberal. body positive, cam girl and sex toy reviewer.  Some of these may been out of place with others, but lets face it people are complicated.  I wanted to allow my readers to understand my biases before continuing.

Some of the BIG questions we will cover are
1) What is the correlation between your internal worth vs employment worth in a capitalist system?    How does camming affect this?
2)  How does this commodification of women’s bodies differ to straight mens bodies?
3) Does cam work change that or just reinforce roles
4) How has the evolution of camming changed, and how does it affect performances
5) Is camming porn or performance

If you have thoughts on these questions, I would love to  hear them!

Bitchcraft 9

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Bitchcraft 9 review

Price 23.95  
Streaming from aebn 

This was not a film I was asked to review. Usually companies like, edensfantasy or Blue Door ask me to choose a few films and review them.  Reviewing porn is  a mixed blessing. It is like if Willy Wonka was God and made everything candy. These cock berries, taste like cock berries!

The 9th in the Jake Malone directed series, Bitchcraft 9 seriously disappoints.  The Bitchcraft series  is kink, without being serious about it. It is  French Vanilla of porn. This is the porn that you bring out when you arent ready for Men in Pain, or Hogtied.  There are no dungeons or chains. Instead it relies on the attitude of the performers not accouterments.

It is hyped as hardcore, lesbian,bdsm. “Cruel Bitches in Heat” and FemDom.  These are all things I like.I like them enough to outweigh the bad. Jake Malone is not one of my “go to” directors for a few reasons. There is more than a hint of misogynistic  Killing Us Softly, style of cutting up of women  bodies,  with over airbrushing and fake nails that haunt lesbian porn. Image
Baring that, the first few Bitchcraft movies had Sasha Grey, Sandra Romain and Princess Donna as highlights. These are women that enjoy what they do, and do it well.  There were parts of Bitchcraft 2 and 3 that I watched over and over.

 However the 9th in the series has lost the kink, the beauty and even the hardcoreness. The most extreme thing I saw in 9, is the use of a clear glass toy during an anal scene.  This is extreme for so called “regular” porn, but not hardcore.   

The driving force behind the Bitchcraft movies is/was the BDSM tinged elements, this movie had almost none.  The spark between the performers is something that as a female viewer I enjoy and find attractive. This was blatantly missing in every scene.

 Porn relies on the same name for movies to guarantee audiences. The Barely Legal series is  a great example of this.  Viewers know what they are getting, a it is easy to distinguish style, director and the type of performers.  If this movie was called something else, I would not  disappointed.
But because it relies on the brand name of Bitchcraft, I was disappointed because I did not receive what I wanted.

 If this was a food product, I would call the 1800 number and demand a recall.

In times like these silence means everything

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I have been quiet, due to life crap. Moving, and not getting enough toys for a weekly review has made me change the way I post.

But I am looking forward to revamping the schedule.

I have three items, lube, porn and lingerie that are in the  pipeline. So there is that to look forward to!