Bitchcraft 9

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Bitchcraft 9 review

Price 23.95  
Streaming from aebn 

This was not a film I was asked to review. Usually companies like, edensfantasy or Blue Door ask me to choose a few films and review them.  Reviewing porn is  a mixed blessing. It is like if Willy Wonka was God and made everything candy. These cock berries, taste like cock berries!

The 9th in the Jake Malone directed series, Bitchcraft 9 seriously disappoints.  The Bitchcraft series  is kink, without being serious about it. It is  French Vanilla of porn. This is the porn that you bring out when you arent ready for Men in Pain, or Hogtied.  There are no dungeons or chains. Instead it relies on the attitude of the performers not accouterments.

It is hyped as hardcore, lesbian,bdsm. “Cruel Bitches in Heat” and FemDom.  These are all things I like.I like them enough to outweigh the bad. Jake Malone is not one of my “go to” directors for a few reasons. There is more than a hint of misogynistic  Killing Us Softly, style of cutting up of women  bodies,  with over airbrushing and fake nails that haunt lesbian porn. Image
Baring that, the first few Bitchcraft movies had Sasha Grey, Sandra Romain and Princess Donna as highlights. These are women that enjoy what they do, and do it well.  There were parts of Bitchcraft 2 and 3 that I watched over and over.

 However the 9th in the series has lost the kink, the beauty and even the hardcoreness. The most extreme thing I saw in 9, is the use of a clear glass toy during an anal scene.  This is extreme for so called “regular” porn, but not hardcore.   

The driving force behind the Bitchcraft movies is/was the BDSM tinged elements, this movie had almost none.  The spark between the performers is something that as a female viewer I enjoy and find attractive. This was blatantly missing in every scene.

 Porn relies on the same name for movies to guarantee audiences. The Barely Legal series is  a great example of this.  Viewers know what they are getting, a it is easy to distinguish style, director and the type of performers.  If this movie was called something else, I would not  disappointed.
But because it relies on the brand name of Bitchcraft, I was disappointed because I did not receive what I wanted.

 If this was a food product, I would call the 1800 number and demand a recall.

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