Happy or not so Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I always have conflicting feelings around Halloween. I like dressing up, I like slutty stuff. So it seems to follow that Halloween, which is quickly become the National Dress Like a Whore Night would be my favorite holiday! More Sluts for everyone!
When I am critical on this I get called out and accused of #slutshaming. This offends me, and is meant to. It is also meant to shut me, and others down.
I am not slut shaming, but being critical of the culture of pretend. Women who do not claim the slut label, can play for one night, but can go back to being non sluts/good the next morning.

As a society we get, of should ge,t offended when culture is appropriated through costumes and media. A recent campaign This is my culture not a costume accurately highlight the issues with this.

I argue that Slut has its own culture, and when women who are non sluts, dress like sluts they are dangerously close to appropriation of this culture.
Slut costumes mimic historical female led employment, rendering these professions a mere joke. Sexy Nurse, Sexy Flight Attendant, and most anger inducing Sexy Librarian.

They also are patterned off of what people “think” a sex worker looks like. This image is a cross hatch of old Law and Order Episodes and Lifetime movies.
Sex workers, sluts, ethical sluts, women who enjoy sex- look like you, and me.

So the next time you want to dress “Slutty” for the evening- pull on some Atari boxers, put your hair up in pigtails, don on your WoW headset and begin watching Star Trek


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