Heavy Thoughts

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

One of the things that  I like most about cam work is that I set my own price. It is liberating/scary to set your own price.  Most of us have no idea what we are worth, because we operate under the guise of a capitalist system. We use bare minimum wages, and move up from there. We understand what we  worth, only in comparison inside of a system that wants to undermine that worth.  
 Because it is not a regulated industry, sex work exists as an outlier in the economic system.  It does adhere to  both user generated and pre existing units of measure.  
User Generated prices  in the cam or custom show show through communication of the two or more parties involved.  Some agencies use a price quote, others let the performer set the price.
Instances that allow you to determine your own worth, can be liberating and scary since we still use those minimums to determine worth.  Freelancers have the same problem. However, their job choice does not come with the baggage of equating job worth with personal worth.
This can be illustrated via personal tidbit. 
On a typical Weekend, I log on  to a choice site. Usually cam4 as nerdbirdy21.

This site allows tips, but also allows private chats. It is in these private areas that the price is determined. My price is not always  flat, instead it is determined a few factors. How much I like the person, how much I feel like performing, how many other shows I have coming up and so on.  I do however always communicate my prices and negotiate before starting.  Typically I charge 1.05-1.15  per min.  
Holy cow, You make an average of $65 an hour!, you say Dear reader-  This math is correct, but in reality my typical private show is 15-20 mins, and I do about two a day.
I know others that charge 3.99/per min.  However they also use higher quality cameras, take requests and so on.   
However it did lead me to the questions

Did I misjudge my worth?  

Since my body/personality is my worth via camming- what bare minimums did I use to judge this?

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