Series Intro

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

This is the first in a series of articles/blog posts dealing with the evolving nature of camming, commercialism, porn, profit, dignity worth and commodification of bodies.

For the sake of transparency, let me introduce myself and my standpoint/basis.   I am a college educated, white appearing , feminist  , nerd, liberal. body positive, cam girl and sex toy reviewer.  Some of these may been out of place with others, but lets face it people are complicated.  I wanted to allow my readers to understand my biases before continuing.

Some of the BIG questions we will cover are
1) What is the correlation between your internal worth vs employment worth in a capitalist system?    How does camming affect this?
2)  How does this commodification of women’s bodies differ to straight mens bodies?
3) Does cam work change that or just reinforce roles
4) How has the evolution of camming changed, and how does it affect performances
5) Is camming porn or performance

If you have thoughts on these questions, I would love to  hear them!

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