Eat your hearts out

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

My good friends over at  EdensFantasys  had me review a lovely piece of lingerie.

The packaging of the product was great. It came boxed, and had tissue paper wrapping. It also came with three sections for each of the items. This is a good selling point for me because I tend to lose smaller pieces of lingerie.

It does say gift set in the title, but I was not expecting it to be elaborate. I was pleasantly surprised. This makes it a great spur of the moment gift. It is geared towards V-day, but the red could be a super sexy Mrs Claus!

It comes with rhinestone hand cuffs, pasties, and a G string.

The handcuffs are poorly made. When I strapped them on my wrists one section of the glued on rhinestones split off. Also while moving around the chain that connected the handcuffs broke. The picture shows that the length between the cuffs is longer than it is. When I measured the length of the chain it was was under two feet.

The pasties were adorable. They were well constructed, and did not fall off during play. They were also easy to remove, and did not leave any residue. However they had a sticky backing that was limited them to one time use. If I was going to wear them again.. I would do so under a fishnet shirt to set them off!
The sticky backing could also cause possible allergies with sensitive skin. I have emailed Leg Avenue for the chemicals used. I will update the review when I get a response.
They were also large enough to cover my areolas, which are larger in size. I would invest in some liquid adhesive so you can reuse the pasties. ImageImage

Another plus is that the G string is one size fits most. It is a tie string, with amazingly cute hearts that dangle from it. This is a boon for those of us that don’t fit in to straight sizes, especially those from Leg Avenue.
The quality of the G string was not great, but these are not underwear that make their way out into the real world.


product picture
Sexy panty by Leg Avenue
Material: Nylon / Spandex

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