Bad Girls 5

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I was asked to review this DVD from my friends over at EdensFantasys. It was originally published  here. 

This movie is almost two and half hours long. To me, this is a huge plus. Because of its length, it is almost like getting a few movies on one disc. I admit I did not watch the entirety at once, instead I broke it into “bite size” pieces of 30 minute sections. This is how non-reviewers watch porn, and I like to mimic the “actual” watching as much as possible

Digital Playground is one of the “top five” of the industry and it shows. Beautiful sets, mid to upper fancy lingerie, clear camera work, and beautiful stars are the hallmarks of a well run studio.

Stoya was the highlight in this film, and for an obvious reason. She is one of the most gorgeous women in or out of porn. Since she has not done a ton of porn, there is still a sense of hesitancy in some scenes, mainly the much touted double penetration.

Tori Black is also in this film. Black is the first person in history to win two AVN Female Performer of the Year Awards, winning back-to-back years in 2010 & 2011. She is only in a few scenes; I would recommend Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy as a highlight on her.

I liked the total lack of plot. I think that the fake attempt at a plot falls flat and is uncomfortable to watch. When I watch porn I am not reviewing, I usually fast forward to the actual sex.

The kink factor is hit or miss.

I watched this with a partner and we had different reactions to the “kink”. I thought the kink factor was a 3/10, where as his reaction was a 6/10. There was DP, some light breath play, and rough(er)sex. There is also some unsafe play in the film such as no condom use, and anal/vaginal play.

Some of my favorite scenes

I have not seen the other Bad Girls movies so I can not compare across the line, but this what Bad Girls do. I should know, I am one!

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