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Review of Make Love Not Porn

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Make Love Not Porn is Cindy Gallops newest venture. This is an amateur web cam/video based  pay site  with a spin.

From the press release is of the people, by the people, and for the people who believe that the sex we have in our everyday life is the hottest sex there is.

We are not porn – porn is performance (often an exceedingly delicious performance, but a performance nonetheless).We are not ‘amateur’ – a label that implies that the only people doing it right are the professionals and the rest of us are bumbling idiots. (Honey, please.)  

Instead of paying per min.(ppv) you rent the movie of your choice for $5, and it is good for unlimited viewings three weeks.

This is great numerous reason. One is that ppv is a rip off,  (dont even get me started on how many times I have had to call AEBN Customer service) and it gives you time to watch the clip numerous times and really involve yourself in the action.

  Overall  Review  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ethical positioning of all Bodies– Searching through the closed beta, I found that most of the performers were thin, white semi attractive people. This site is user submitted so this could be for a few different reasons, normative beauty standards, objectification of  minorities and so on.  However  they did earn points for the “stories” behind the videos. Each video comes with a back story this is the performers own write-up of the scene.  This gives performers a voice and a background. This is important for numerous reasons. One is to dismantle the idea of who does “sex work”, and how they are.

Ethical treatment of  performers  MLNP payment options are clearly stated, both for the buyer and seller. It is $5 to submit your video, and then you receive 50% of your rentals.   Again extra points for clarity and upfrontness of how much performers get paid/profit share.

Use of language- This is important to MLNP/ Cindy Gallop.  There is no insulting misogynist language, racist or gender binary language used to promote videos.  Words like girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/lover  are used rather than “horny bitches get it”. This is a refreshing change of pace.

Other Info

The site is in a closed beta- and you have to be invited.  I submitted my email and received an invite with in 24 hours. As some one who spends her free time pursuing porn, I would highly recommend this site if you like real bodies, and a personality behind your porn.  The site is chock full of  pop culture references. It makes the viewer feel comfortable watching, with out feeing the usual disconnect.