Pretty Pretty Anal Princess

Sunday, June 24th, 2012
Safety First – This pdf will help with any anal sex questions you may have
My first anal toy review!   I received this toy from an boyfriend a few years ago.  It has been placed in my usual round of toys. 
      This was a great present for me.  I am picky when it comes to things that I place in or on my body.  This plug is made from stainless steel and Swarovski crystal. This is makes it amazingly easy to clean and sanitize.  It will never degrade, corrode and is non porous.  This also made the toy heavy.
It made anal play feel “pretty”
        All too often a consumer is faced with  ugly anal toys. They are black, grey, shaped like road cones.  Beads can come in all colors, but usually are made from yucky plastic. I prefer plugs because I  like the snug fit, and the fact I can wear them out in public.  I have the large, which is not as large as some plugs.  The details are here
•  Overall Length: 3in (7.62cm)
•  Insertable Length: 2.5in (6.35cm)
•  Circumference (at widest point): 4in (10.16cm)
•  Diameter (at widest point): 1.27in (3.22cm)
•  Weight: 0.4 lb (6.4 oz)
        Your anal cavity is a lot like your mouth, where the actual size of something is not always the size it feels like.  Even with lube, the first few times using this toy was an exercise in patience.  It also warms to your body temperature.  If you like sensation play, you can cool or warm the plug before play.  As mentioned before the plug  feel heavy.  At  6.4 oz it is a  significant weight. 
     While bending over, gravity takes care of the weight. But walking and moving about can become uncomfortable.  I would also not recommend this plug for long periods of time  (4 hours plus) because the weight and delicate anal tissue.  It was short enough to where it felt like a plug, not anything else.
The first anal ring is where most of the nerves are, and fit snuggly there. This means that I am constantly stimulated, This was true of both the girth and weight.  Since the anal cavity will grip/clamp down , it can be difficult to remove the toy if you are not relaxed.
I recommend this toy with a partner. That way they can enjoy the “pretty” but also because the plug is short enough it does take some acrobatics to get in and out by one self. There is also the extra plus of double penetration. The steel massages the penis through the perineum.  While I as a cis gendered female used it, it could also be used by men.
         While not a P-spot massager, it does again fit snuggly in the first anal ring. The could work for men who are being introduced to anal, are ready for P-spot stimulation.  The colors range in blue, green, purple, red
       The price is a bit high but worth the quality.
1) JT Stockroom  has them for 79.00.
2) Extreme Restraints has a knock off for $10 cheaper. $69.00
3) Edens Fantasy has a non Jewel one  Pure plug medium – Anal sex toys – Butt plugs

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